0800: Jeff at Documart tells me our 50 pre-prints will arrive at 1000—yay!

0815: Breakfast at Starbucks. It actually does taste better on the Left Coast.

1000: 50 pre-prints of our “CS-1 in Python” book arrive. They’re heavy.

1030: The panel I organized on “CS-1 for Scientists” starts. Room is half full, but people keep coming in, so by 1100 there are 110 (plus or minus), all awake. Christine Alvarado, Jennifer Campbell, Rubin Landau, and Robert Sedgewick do a great job; the audience is very engaged, and my voice doesn’t give out. Much discussion ensues; pre-prints are snapped up.

1200: On the train to go downtown for lunch (pecan-crusted catfish with mashed potatoes, and a pint of very nice amber ale). Much discussion there and back.

1400: The “Nifty Assignments” session is packed, so chat with Valerie Barr, Beth Simon, Bob Sedgewick (again), Mark Guzdial, and others.

1635: Another rendition of “Personal Penguin” via phone for Maddie. Hate being away from family.

1715: Hook up with Bill Griswold and head for the BOFs and reception at the Hilton. Sun is coming out.

1800: BOF on algorithm visualization is a bust.

1900: Web-CAT user group meeting is definitely not — need to talk to these people some more.

2130: Back at the hotel; need sleep.

2215: Sleep… won’t… come…

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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