Crowded House

Google announced this year’s Summer of Code projects today. I’m very pleased that six students from the University of Toronto were among the recipients:

Four students from other schools (Jeff Balogh, Luke Paireepinart, Daniel Servos, and Artem Yunusov) will be doing projects we’re involved in, and of course there are our non-GSoC students:

  • Nicole Allard and Dmitri Vassiliev will continue their work on the feature diagram plugin for Eclipse and browser plugins for SlashID respectively.
  • Geofrey Flores and Kosta Zabashta have been awarded an NSERC USRA to study the usability and productivity of web-based and IDE-based grading tools (GF) and to integrate instant messaging into DrProject (KZ).
  • Luke Petrolekas will be testing and documenting DrProject (and probably other projects as well).
  • Nick Jamil will be doing miscellaneous DrProject development.
  • Chris Maddison and Hardeep Singh are going to help beef up the Python multimedia libraries we use in first-year teaching thanks to an ITCDF grant.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the graduate students:

  • Samira Abdi is using machine learning techniques to cluster events in project histories to make them easier to visualize.
  • Jeremy Handcock is building tools to visualize software project histories (clustered and otherwise).
  • Carolyn MacLeod will be studying how novices use modeling tools like SPIN and Alloy to see if there are systematic patterns in the mistakes they make.

Me? I’m getting married (twice), helping Jennifer, Paul, and Jason finish off a CS1-in-Python textbook, and trying to find some funding. It promises to be a busy sixteen weeks…

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