Three Weeks In

Our summer interns are three weeks in, and making great progress:

  • Nicole Allard (Eclipse Feature Diagram Plugin): isn't blogging, so I don't know.
  • Jeff Balogh (Dojo Form Editor): has been working with Nick Jamil on a new customizable ticketing system for DrProject, and has also posted some thoughts at the end of his first week working on a drag-and-drop form editor for Dojo. Misleading debugging tools---check, but SVN plus patches considered harmful? Hm... What he actually says is, "Dojo, like a lot of other projects, is still using svn. This is great for, um, somebody, but I think it's more detrimental than good for open source projects." He likes the GIT way of doing things ("send it to the list").
  • Matthew Basset (Hackystat Visual Studio Plugin): gosh, isn't it nice when everything just runs...
  • Ming Chow and Wenbing Li (Flare Dataflow Editor): drag and drop, drag and drop, it's so much fun, we just can't stop.
  • Geofrey Flores and Qi Yang (Eclipse Web-CAT Plugin): whoo boy, isn't WebObjects fun? And trying to get a compatible mix of versions of various packages? Woo hoo...
  • Eran Henig (Python Web-CAT Back End): as above (the three students share a blog). Web-CAT now knows how to run Python programs; the next step is to teach it how to run them securely.
  • Nick Jamil (DrProject): has been blogging several times a day about ideas, progress, and discoveries. He'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the database schema for the new ticketing component.
  • Xuan Le (OS161 Visualization): is already building debugging a GUI for the os161 visualization tool.
  • Chris Maddison (PyGraphics): doesn't appear to be blogging either, but his project partner, Hardeep Singh, has just started (see below).
  • Victoria Mui (Cytoscape Graph Layout): can now debug Cytoscape plugins in Eclipse. Time to get back to graph layout...
  • Luke Petrolekas (Documentation/Testing): has converted the Software CArpentry notes to a wiki. There's still lots to do (embedding images, tidying up the bibliography, etc.), but it's a great start.
  • Daniel Servos (Moodle Data Visualization): came down to chat a week ago about what instructors would actually like to visualize, and is now working on a final design and figuring out how to debug Moodle.
  • Hardeep Singh (PyGraphics): has just started blogging.
  • Dmitri Vassiliev (SlashID): is running into landmines all over the place. As always, GWT and other toolkits are only as usable as they are debuggable...
  • Eva Wong (Hackystat Data Visualization): is getting on top of Flash, and starting to think about how to get data out of the Hackystat sensorbase.
  • Joseph Yeung (OpenAFS Control Panel): really should blog more often...
  • Kosta Zabashta (DrProject Chat): has discovered that getting data out of IRC and into DrProject is the easy part; the hard part is how to display it. Your comments would be welcome...
  • Qiyu Zhu (DrProject Admin): has been fixing bugs, and more recently talking to Liz Blankenship (our Season of Usability intern, now based in Seattle) about a role editor for DrProject.

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