Start of Another Academic Year

It’s September, so here we go again… Samira, Jeremy, Carolyn, and I welcomed Aran Donohue, Alicia Grubb, Zachary Kincaid, Jason Montojo, and Rory Tulk to the team today. It’ll be March or April before they’ve got research topics, but I’ll add links to their blogs when I get them. David Bolter of the ATRC and I are also starting a project with Alecia Fowler of Environment Canada, who wants to look at making web-based maps accessible to people with visual and physical disabilities.

And I’m teaching two courses: CSC301 (Introduction to Software Engineering) and CSC491 (Computer Science Capstone). Students in the former will be building an image diff/merge tool for use with version control systems as their course projects; students in the latter will get to choose a project from a list of about 15 put up by U of T profs, local non-profits, and colleagues in various startups and open source groups. I’m pitching to them on Wednesday at noon, and I’m still accepting proposals until 9:00 pm tonight.

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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