Student Projects This Term

The students in my CSC491 capstone course picked their projects today—here are the students (S) and mentors (M) for the term:

  • Porting the Online Marking tool (OLM) to Ruby On Rails: Mike Conley (S), Geofrey Flores (S), Prof. Karen Reid (M)
  • Benchmarking the Usability of Scientific Workflow Tools: Fan Dong (S), Prof. Ryan Lilien (M), Prof. Stephen Strother (M)
  • Thunderbird Enhancements: Justin Foong (S), Vladimir Markin (S), Teren Teh (S), David Ascher (M)
  • Feature Diagram Plugin for Eclipse: Lenny Han (S), Can Zhang (S), Nicole Allard (M)
  • GPU Programming: AJ Guillon (S), Prof. Giovanni Grasselli (M)
  • InfoTrace Routing Policy and Reachability Tracker: Leigh Honeywell (S), Prof. Ron Deibert (M), Nart Villeneuve (M)
  • Visual SQL Query Builder in Flash: Mohammad Jalali (S), Darren Jung (S), Prof. Diane Horton (M)
  • High-Throughput Crystallography: Edward Kang (S), Beomheyn Kim (S), Prof. Igor Jurisica (M)
  • Accurate CDMA Indoor Localization: Denis Pankratov (S), Jennifer Ruttan (S), Prof. Eyal de Lara (M)
  • Moviepedia Business Plan: Miles Thibault (S), Jay Goldman (M), John MacRitchie (M)
  • IRC Threading and Summarization: Kosta Zabashta (S), Prof. Gerald Penn (M)

All the students are undergrads; I’ll be running the grad version of this course next term. Stay tuned for development!