Reading Week Code Sprint

0635: In a little less than three hours, the students working on several of our open source projects will put their heads down for a three-day code sprint. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks: it’s my first chance to meet Jason, Liz, Heather, and James in person, and between the pizza, the whiteboard re-architecting, the usability testing, and just the plain old coding, it’s going to be a ton of fun. My #1 goal is to have the Django-based rewrite of DrProject solid enough to host Blake Winton’s iPhone game development project by 3:30 pm on Saturday; my #2 is to create a screencast by 5:00 that same day showing off what we’ve built so far. Lots of other good things in the works too; stay tuned for news.

1231: Pizza just arrived, so while everyone’s grabbing a few slices, here’s a roster of attendees:

Basie (our code name for the rebuild of DrProject on Django): Greg Wilson, James Leung, Heather Grant, David Wolever, Jason Whyne, Phyllis Lee, Liz Blankenship, Bill Konrad, Blake Winton, Christian Muise, Botond Ballo, Veronica Quinones, Aran Donohue.

OLM (the Ruby on Rails version of the online marking tool): Karen Reid, Veronica Wong, Amanda Manarin, Mike Conley, Severin Gehwolf, Andrew Louis.

Miscellaneous: Mohammed Jalali, Rory Tulk, Andrew Trusty, Cameron Gorrie, and Vlad Sekulic (university sys admin) holding the whole thing together.

My stomach’s rumbling: more in a bit.