Code Sprint Wrap-Up

I really did mean to blog several times a day about this term’s code sprint, but too much was happening during the day, and I was too tired at night. There were lots of high points:

  • Andrew Trusty, Andrew Louis, Andrey Petrov, Severin Gehwolf, and Blake Winton came out for part or all of it to help, just because. Thanks, guys.
  • The PyVCal team, who are building an abstraction library on top of Perforce, Subversion, and Git, got some scripts working with all three, and Derek Kwok started building a mock implementation of the API to use in testing.
  • The OLM team made huge strides forward: marking, some major simplification of their data model, and lots more.
  • Basie (the rebuild of DrProject on Django) also made huge strides: we have charts (using Flot), a partly-AJAXed ticketing system, user preference pages, lots of new UI design, more wikification, and lots of other things that I'm forgetting right now.
  • Karen Reid and I started using Twitter. But we could quit any time, honest.

Many thanks once again to Alan Rosenthal, Vlad Sekulic, and especially David Wolever for tech support, and to Jason Whyne, Liz Blankenship, Heather Grant, and James Leung for coming all the way to Toronto to hack for three days.

Further commentary from Mike Conley, Phyliss Lee, Aran Donohue, and Andrew Louis.