The Greatest Failing of High School Science

I don’t care exactly what science is taught in high schools, so long as people learn that:

  1. The universe works according to rules.
  2. If we ask questions carefully and humbly, we can find out what those rules are.
  3. We don't get to pick or change those rules. It's not like basketball, where we can just decide one day that if you throw the round thing through the other round thing from far enough away, then bingo, you get an extra point.

I think #3 is the fundamental “don’t get it” in the minds of many climate change deniers. Just read this story: it doesn’t matter what Tim Nicholson, James Delingpole, or the unnamed judge believes, the universe is going to go ahead and do what it damn well pleases with or without us. Fiction often portrays scientists as egotistical, but honestly, I think it’s the people who think they can dictate to reality who have the ego problems…