Toronto Innovations Showcase

My students and I a few hours on Monday and Tuesday (Nov 2-3) at City Hall showing off our projects. It wasn’t as busy as expected, thanks primarily to H1N1 fears, but there was still more traffic at our double booth than at any other I saw, and I was proud of how well the students presented their work. The projects and teams were:

  • Q-Me: using SMS text messaging to manages lineups for things like building permits and vaccinations (Dejana Bajic, Tyler de Witt, Alex Lee, and Akhil Mathur)
  • I-Spy: allowing you to see who has looked at your medical records (Fan Dong, Lenny Han, Benton Hui, and Shobhit Jain)
  • Traffiz: analyzing and visualizing traffic accident data for the Greater Toronto Area (Samar Sabie, Alyssa Rosenzweig, and David Nowak)
  • U-Translate: crowdsourcing translation of city documents and information pamphlets (Betim Shahini and Peng Su)
  • Toronto ServiceSeeker: helping you find a better place to live based on proximity to facilities and services (Andriy Borzenko, Abayomi King, and James McRae)
  • Greenbelt Marketplace: connecting mid-sized farms in the Greenbelt to individual and institutional customers (Michael Gorecki, Jory Graham, Frank Li, and Mohit Jain)
  • XTagg: managing conversations in Twitter (Tyler Lu, Kevin Regan, Jasper Snoek, and Danny Tarlow)

Feedback on the whole event is starting to appear — see for example:

I’ll add more as I find them, and post links to video of the sessions and demos when they come in. My thanks once again to the students for doing such a great job, and to all the city staff and others who’ve been so generous with their time.