An Updated List of Upcoming Workshops

Here's an update to our upcoming workshop list:

Venue Start Date Instructor(s)
DAFX Conference (York, UK) 2012-09-13 Greg Wilson
University of Oslo 2012-09-17 Hans Petter Langtangen, Greg Wilson
Purdue University 2012-10-08 Michael Hansen, Anthony Scopatz, Jeff Shelton
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2012-10-17 Matt Davis, Katy Huff
University of British Columbia 2012-10-18 Laura Trembley-Boyer, Ian Mitchell, Peter Rawsthorne, Greg Wilson
University of California Berkeley 2012-10-20 Matt Davis, Katy Huff
Caltech 2012-10-23 Matt Davis
Oxford 2012-10-30 Stephen Crouch, Mike Jackson
Scripps Institute 2012-11-15 Titus Brown, Tracy Teal
University of North Carolina 2012-11-28 Jason Pell, Ethan White, Greg Wilson
University of Edinburgh 2012-12-04 TBD
University of Texas (Austin) 2012-12-10 Rosangela Canino-Koning, Katy Huff, Anthony Scopatz
University of Chicago 2013-01-12 Katy Huff, Anthony Scopatz
Technical University Munich 2013-01-22 TBD
Macquarie University 2013-01-31 Greg Wilson
Virginia Tech 2013-01-31 Tommy Guy
AMOS Conference (Melbourne) 2013-02-14 Greg Wilson

We're currently trying to settle on dates (and instructors) for:

  • Berlin
  • Boston
  • Charlottesville (University of Virginia)
  • Eugene (University of Oregon)
  • Hamilton (McMaster)
  • Helsinki
  • Montreal (McGill)
  • New York City (Columbia University)
  • Palo Alto (Stanford)
  • Seattle (University of Washington)
  • Tübingen
  • Washington, D.C. (George Mason University)
  • Waterloo

If you're interested in helping us teach, and in taking part in an online study group this fall on how to teach this stuff, please get in touch.

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