PyCon 2013 Talks I Would Like To See

I don’t know if I’ll make it to PyCon 2013 or not (lots of other traveling for Software Carpentry == too much time away from family already), but here are some talks that would draw me in:

  1. What I Would Take Out of Python. It's grown a lot over the years; given what we have now, what would you take out, and why?
  2. How the Hell Did That Happen? How did Rails capture so many hearts and minds when Ruby was a relatively unknown language whose user base in North America and Europe was only a few percent of Python's?
  3. Eloquent Python. An exploration of teachable uses of design patterns in the Python standard library.
  4. Ten Things We Know About Python Programs and Programmers. What do we actually know about execution profiles, common bugs, user demographics, etc.
  5. Error Handling in Python. What are some patterns for recovering from errors in Python (as opposed to just logging them)?

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