Research This!

I presented “Research This! Questions that Computing Educators Most Want Computing Education Researchers to Answer” at ICER 2019 this morning, and the full paper is now available on this site and through the ACM. It was a pleasure to work with Paul, Brett, Michelle, and Piotr, and I hope people will find our results useful.

Based on feedback at the conference, there are three things that could be tackled in a second iteration:

  1. Competitive ranking of questions (or a fixed point budget, or some other mechanism) to get a more even distribution of unimportant-to-important.

  2. Including more people who are involved in free-range teaching.

  3. Including learners as question proposers and as rankers.

I think the last of these is the most important. “Nothing for us, without us” has been a rallying cry in many disability communities for years, and while I don’t think it makes sense to ask elementary school children what they think researchers ought to investigate, I think we can and should ask teenagers and adults.

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