Blog Archive 2021

2021-12-31: Comes Round Again

2021-12-29: Tuppence a Bag

2021-12-26: Effort Estimation

2021-11-23: Not What I Set Out to Do

2021-11-15: Setting Up a New Project

2021-11-14: Maddy Roo

2021-11-07: What (a subset of) Done Looks Like

2021-10-03: Three Weeks Off

2021-09-27: Current Project List

2021-09-23: More Thoughts on Document Compilers

2021-09-22: Data Science Deployed

2021-09-13: IQ and Personality Tests

2021-09-10: Managing Research Software Projects Curriculum

2021-09-07: Managing Research Software Projects Workshop

2021-08-24: Textbooks (Alone) Are Not Enough

2021-08-18: Software Design Webinar

2021-08-05: Software Design Rules

2021-07-23: Software Design for Data Scientists

2021-07-22: Whatever Happened to TidyBlocks?

2021-07-22: I Hope They Would Have Liked It

2021-07-18: What Everyone in Tech Should Know About Teaching and Learning

2021-07-17: Software Engineering's Greatest Hits

2021-07-05: Beneath Coriandel

2021-06-30: That Seems Simple to Me

2021-06-25: A Proficiency Test for Research Software Engineers

2021-06-19: A Magic USB Drive

2021-05-17: Two Books

2021-04-20: Scorecards

2021-04-19: First Day with Metabase

2021-04-19: Evening and Morning Routine

2021-04-17: Building a Book (Part 3)

2021-04-17: Nine Weeks Off

2021-04-17: You Say Dumbing Down, I Say Inviting In

2021-04-17: Choose Your Own Adventure

2021-04-15: Indexing

2021-04-08: Lesson Maps

2021-04-07: Meals

2021-04-06: Another Glossary

2021-04-04: And Another Bibliography

2021-04-03: Another Bibliography

2021-03-30: The Fourth Tradition

2021-03-30: Joining a Project

2021-03-27: The Ghosts in the Debugging

2021-03-25: Paying for Drinks

2021-03-15: Homework

2021-03-10: Building a Book (Part 2)

2021-03-09: Books for Africa

2021-03-04: Staying Safe Online

2021-02-22: Strategies for Change

2021-02-20: Asteroids and Dinosaurs

2021-02-19: Blinkered Visions

2021-02-15: On Spec

2021-02-12: Last Day at RStudio

2021-02-10: Building a Book

2021-01-27: JoVE But Not For Me

2021-01-27: The Essence of Teaching

2021-01-26: Dead Last

2021-01-25: How I Write a Technical Book

2021-01-23: But Can She Type?

2021-01-19: Software Tools in JavaScript: Terms

2021-01-19: Data Dictionaries

2021-01-18: How to Write a Memo

2021-01-18: Good Enough Teaching

2021-01-17: The Page Is Not The Lesson

2021-01-17: Punchcards Considered Harmful

2021-01-11: Alpha Version of Software Tools in JavaScript

2021-01-09: Pickled Carrots

2021-01-07: Steps in Order

2021-01-06: And Should I Fall Behind

2021-01-03: Concept Maps

2021-01-01: A Fresh Start

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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